Fixed Wing LiDAR

Blom uses the Optech ALTM Gemini and Leica ALS60 laser scanner systems for fixed wing LiDAR operations. These sensors are among the most versatile and powerful LiDAR systems in the industry, for both the flight altitude range and scanning density. 

There are many applications for this type of data, such as the survey of hydrographic basins, flood mapping, surveying powerlines and monitoring of coastal erosion. This technology is Blom's first choice for large area surveys, to rapidly provide DTMs and DEMs. Datasets can also be processed to provide contour models, TINs, forestry resource maps and general outline mapping when used in combination with aerial imagery.


Flood Mapping

Rapid data collection over large areas provides terrain models for accurate flood risk mapping.

Urban Modelling

Efficient capture of complex areas provides an ideal platform for urban city models for planning and management.

Forestry Inventory

The Fixed Wing laser system is able to survey both tree cover and the underlying ground surface, allowing the identification of different vegetation types.

Transport Infrastructure

The process of Fixed Wing LiDAR is non-disruptive when surveying road and rail networks, therefore an ideal option for road and rail survey.

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