Aerial Imagery

Blom is a pioneer in the production of imagery acquisition and can trace their experience right back to 1919. The technology may have evolved but the concept remains the same. Blom has vast experience of acquiring and processing aerial imagery with resolutions varying from 4cm – 25cm GSD (Ground Sample Distance).

Ortho-rectified aerial imagery provides a cost-effective and accurate method of mapping and modelling, for this purpose alone Blom retains many large framework agreements with national and international companies.

Applications for aerial imagery range from online services and web directories that utilise the imagery as a navigation backdrop, to engineering companies that use high resolution imagery for asset management and route planning. Blom’s fleet of aircraft and cameras meet the most demanding requirements regarding accuracy, altitude, resolution and deliverables, enabling mobilisation on short notice to any location quickly and efficiently.


Infrastructure Planning

Rapid and accurate survey over medium to large areas with no need to disrupt transport networks and business services

Asset Inventory Management

Highly detailed base mapping of asset inventory and time-stamped digital vertical imagery provides an accurate record of buildings and stock.

Environmental Monitoring

Multi-band sensors detect vegetation and can be used in supporting strategic environmental decisions and policy.

Creation of Mapping

Aerial imagery provides a record of any site and the base information to generate accurate mapping.

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