Central Government agencies are under a massive amount of pressure to prove support on a national level, whilst reducing budgets, this brings about many geographical problems which hinder the decision making process.  Blom provides geospatial data to many central government agencies to allow them to visualise areas of interest in high resolution, without needing to leave their desks.

The products & services that Blom delivers to the central government agencies, such as BlomOBLIQUE, height data or high resolution vertical aerial imagery, allows for important tasks, such as emergency planning, operational intelligence and asset management to become cost effective whilst still maintaining a high standard result. 

National Mapping

Blom currently holds several large frameworks for producing or updating national mapping datasets. This projects range from annual updates of change to compiling new mapping data for countries that currently do not have a national mapping dataset.

Event Planning

Event security is of the upmost importance, when events are managed on a national level, for example the Olympics’ then agencies from across the country are involved. Aerial Imagery is extremely efficient at inducting non local personnel to the event location, the surrounding environment and possible safety risks.

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