Blom undertakes vector or topographic mapping projects throughout the world and has a fully digital production line for topographic and thematic maps. The company has the capability and capacity to manage and execute projects of nearly unlimited scope. Projects are undertaken at all scales for national mapping and large scale civil engineering design applications, meeting all national and international specifications.

Through its wide experience, Blom Group companies are able to provide structured data to meet modern client requirements within sectors like planning, engineering, construction, environmental applications, business solutions, forestry, farming as well as supporting additional data needs and services.



Blom creates high accuracy vector maps from LiDAR and aerial imagery for the Engineering sector; this allows users to make informed design decisions based on highly accurate data.

National Datasets

Blom is part of several Government frameworks requiring mapping services, these range from annual updates of existing data to show real world change or the creation of new data when no national dataset exists.

Asset Management

Mapping assets is an essential way for many industries to record and maintain their assets, such as road signs or railway furniture. By using high accuracy aerial imagery Blom can map assets without imposing the inconvenience / danger of site visits.


Many companies already have adequate map data but, due to age, the data is of a low accuracy. Evolving techniques and higher accuracy in aerial imagery means that Blom can now take the original data and provide Positional Accuracy Improvements (PAI) to improve the accuracy of the entire dataset.

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