Blom is strengthening its position within the geospatial data and intelligence marketplace by introducing a new product range, BlomMETRO™. This product range will be high specification suite of aerial survey data products, with the core of this database being 4cm GSD (Ground Sample Distance) aerial imagery acquired using one of Blom’s many Vexcel UltraCAM digital cameras.

In addition to the imagery Blom will also be simultaneously capturing LiDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) data, with our Optech LiDAR sensor mounted alongside the Vexcel digital camera in our Cessna 404 aircraft. This will acquire LiDAR data at 1 point/m² simultaneously with the digital imagery. The products will have a high resolution and high accuracy - creating a unique dataset of urban areas.

The BlomMETRO datasets will be focused on the main urban areas of the UK, however, if clients require areas that are not currently in the capture program these can be captured on a project basis. Many targets have already been captured and more are in the pipeline to be produced during 2011 – there will also be a regular refresh program.

Applications for the BlomMETRO suite of products are vast and wide, depending on the particular product and the market sector that it is applied.  

The suite of products includes MetroHD (RGB Imagery, MetroHEIGHT (LiDAR, DTM/DSM) and Metro3D.


MetroHD™ is one of the core deliverables within the BlomMETRO™ product range, comprised of vertical 4cm GSD aerial imagery data which can be delivered it in either ortho tiles or in stereo pairs. At this fantastic resolution the product can be used for numerous applications within engineering, utilities, local government, property and insurance sectors.


Asset Management

MetroHD’s unparalleled 4cm GSD resolution means the user can confidently identify and monitor the condition of property and assets.

Town and City Planning

With superior accuracy when compared to existing aerial imagery, MetroHD allows more detailed and reliable mapping of urban areas.

Visualisation & Reporting

Aerial imagery with brilliant clarity and colour balance gives documents and reports added value and visual information.

Land Use Clarification

The sharpness and image quality of MetroHD provides the clearest aerial imagery available to accurately detect and analyse land use.

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