Rotary wing LiDAR

Blom has been at the leading edge of LiDAR technology for nearly 20 years and currently operates the latest TopEye aerial LiDAR systems. TopEye utilises dual scanning technology, with both a rotary and linear scan pattern, allowing the system to collect up to 266kHz points per second.

The processing of data from TopEye uses the TEPP 7 LiDAR processing system. Full wave form processing gives outstanding results with laser ranges determined to sub centimetre accuracy. The laser scanner can also be combined with a high resolution digital camera, providing simultaneous imagery of up to 2cm GSD. This imagery can be orthorectified or draped over laser data to create 3D visualisations and fly-throughs.

These features combine to produce an excellent tool for survey and mapping of corridors and areas. Data capture yields numerous different products, allowing use across both engineering and asset management applications.


Highways & Road Corridors

The ability of TopEye to simultaneously capture high resolution survey laser data and imagery makes it the ideal product for providing accurate road surveys.

Railways & Embankments

Rotary Wing LiDAR allows for a complete survey without the requirement to access the track, providing a safer and cost-efficient railway survey.

Power Lines

The sensors ability to penetrate vegetation allows a range of asset inventory outputs such as tower profiles and vegetation management maps.

Transport Infrastructure

The process of Rotary Wing LiDAR is a non-disruptive method for surveying road and rail networks, therefore an ideal option for road and rail survey.

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