What can I view in the BlomURBEX™ Demo?

The BlomURBEX™ demo features a limited set of data from our BlomOBLIQUE, BlomORTHO™, BlomHISTORIC™ and LiDAR data products. You can choose between the avaliable datasets by using the orange buttons at the top of the demo viewer. Measuring and viewing functionality is enabled but some extra functionality is disabled in this demo. Please contact a sales representative in your counrty for a full demo, or fill out this form and we will contact you.

The purpose of this demo is to highlight the possibilities and showcase the potential of what BlomURBEX™ has to offer. The layout shown in this site isn't indicative of how BlomURBEX™ should or should not look. It is purely an example of what can be achieved very quickly and simply using the API.




What is BlomURBEX™?

BlomURBEX™ is an online image delivery service hosted by Blom which offers a collection of geographical datasets. Please read more about it here.

Full overview of data available on BlomURBEX™ can be found here.

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